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Everyone loves to look beautiful and fashionable. Although traditionally women were considered more fashion-conscious, in modern times, men have also joined the bandwagon. As such, several fashion and beauty products have come to the market to satisfy the fashion and beauty needs of both men and women. Even though everyone would love to buy these products to look fashionable and beautiful, some of them might be a little too costly, rendering them unaffordable for all. 

However, My Layby Australia makes it possible for you to buy your favourite fashion and beauty products through its flexible payment plans. Now you can buy layby jewellery and other fashion and beauty items without worrying about going over budget. 

Buy Layby Jewellery online

It is never early to shop for Christmas. Pamper yourself or your loved ones this Christmas by purchasing that beautiful jewellery you always wanted but didn’t buy because it is out of your budget. My Layby believes that you should be deprived of the products you want just because you can’t afford to buy them now. So, if you have postponed or abandoned your plan to buy certain items due to budget constraints or higher interest charges on EMIs, layby has the best solution for you. 

Browse the fashion and beauty section to shop for the latest products and layby fashion accessories, layby haircare products, layby skincare, and layby personal care items among others, without any hassles. Whatever the product, My Layby offers you a good plan to save up to buy your favourite fashion and beauty products without paying extra upfront or for delivery.

Layby offers you a chance to buy your favourite layby jewellery online with interest-free, easy payment plans. You can buy any item listed on the online layby stores – small or big, expensive, or affordable – under the flexible payment plans. Actually, nothing is unaffordable anymore if you buy from layby online stores. You can buy jewellery, make-up and cosmetics, fragrance, and much more from layby online.

What’s the Layby Advantage? 

When you buy from an online layby store, you can choose from a vast collection of layby jewellery and beauty products. You can buy them with unique layby benefits such as flexible payment plans, no upfront payment, no interest, and free delivery. 

Layby fashion and beauty products include items from all leading and trusted global brands as well as popular Australian brands. When you buy from layby online, you don’t have to visit different websites or showrooms to browse and compare the brands and their products. Everything is available for viewing and comparison in one place on the layby website.

Easy Buying

My Layby Australia constantly updates the product lists on the website to offer you the latest version of products. If a product upgrades after you place your order and start the payments, you can easily change your choice to the new product without paying extra charges for the change. However, if the price of the product decreases, the benefit of the price drop will be passed on to you.

Moreover, you can make your payments via debit card or through direct debit. There is no need to physically visit a store or payment point to make the periodic payment.

When you buy from the layby online store, all you need is to add the item of your choice to the shopping basket by clicking the layby now button. After that, you will be directed to the payment section to choose your payment plan and first payment date. Once you fulfil your payment obligation, the product will be delivered to your doorstep.

Need help?

Do you have any questions regarding the layby fashion and beauty products or any other layby products? If so, call on 1800 183 083 between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday to speak to our friendly customer service executives.

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