Electronics and Office equipment

In the current scenario, a life without electronics and other office equipment is unimaginable. Our lives are tightly integrated with technology like never before and to stay on course with the technological developments, we must update and upgrade electronics every once in a while.

Layby electronics

Electronics are an integral part of our lives and it is nearly impossible to live a life without electronic items such as computers, smartphones, TVs, and audio systems. Fortunately, modern technology also enables us to buy things without stepping out of our comfort zones. Unlike in the past, if you wish to upgrade or revamp your electronics, you can do so from your home itself. There is no need to physically visit a store and check the items there.

You can browse the wide range of options available on layby electronics on the My Layby website and purchase your favourite brand by choosing a suitable payment schedule. Layby Australia gives you an opportunity to save up to buy your favourite electronics without paying extra upfront or for delivery.

Layby office equipment

You can pick and choose from a vast collection of layby office equipment and enjoy unique benefits such as flexible payment plans, no upfront deposit, and interest-free purchases. Layby office equipment includes high-quality products from well-known and trusted global brands such as Apple, Bose, Canon, Sony, Samsung, Logitech, Microsoft, LG, and more. You’ll also find a wide range of trusted Australian brands on layby online stores.

You need not visit various websites or showrooms to compare different brands and products as everything is available in one place, on the layby website. The products featured on the site are constantly updated so that you are offered the latest versions. In case you wish to change your choice after you place your order and start the payments, you can do so without paying extra for making the change.

All products sold on layby Australia come with Future Price Guarantee assurance so that any price drop will be passed to you in the form of a My Layby gift voucher or as a difference in price. Additionally, if the price increases between the time of your order and product delivery, you'll not be charged anything extra. Layby electronics and layby office equipment come with all the manufacturer guarantees and warranties offered in the same way if the product is brought from a conventional store. Layby offers you the option to make your payments via debit card or through direct debit. At no time you will have to physically visit a store or payment point.

Easy buying

Whether you buy layby electronics or layby office equipment, all you need is to add the item of your choice to the shopping basket by clicking the layby now button. You will then be directed to the payment section where you can choose your payment plan and first payment date. Once you fulfil your payment obligation, the product will be delivered to your doorstep within 7-10 days.

Need help?

Have questions? Call on 1800 183 083 between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday to speak to our friendly customer service executives. To continue shopping for a wide range of layby products, click here.

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