Responsible Saver Reward Information


1. The Program

The Responsible Saver Reward program is a loyalty club program from My Layby launched July 17th, 2021. All My Layby customers are eligible to participate in the program free of charge. 


2. The Reward and it's use

The program offers a 2% reward on all completed layby orders. This 2% reward is based on the transaction value of your completed layby orders. For example if you complete a layby order worth $1000, you will recieve $20 on your member account. It is not given back as cash. You can use that reward on future transactions, not other open layby orders. The reward will be availabe for 3 months once issued. It is only issued once you have completed your layby order. It will be provided on each completed layby order. It is not provided until the layby order is 100% paid off.


3. Limits

There are no limits on the amount of rewards you can earn and use. As long as you meet  the criteria specified in point 2 above.


4. Initial Offer

All members who have completed a layby order and paid off 100% of that order between July 1st, 2021 and January 17th 2022 will be granted a 2% reward on their completed layby order. This is the initial promotional offer to launch the Responsible Saver Reward Program.


5. Ongoing Offer

After the initial offer is provided any completed layby order post January 17th, 2022 will be provided with a Responsible Saver Reward on eligible orders.


6. Refunds & Cash Out

You can't get your reward as cash out. It is a reward on your member account only. If you refund your completed order you will also lose the relevant reward you were granted as part of the Responsible Saver Reward program. 


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