Pamper your little ones like only a parent can with Layby Toys, Kids and Baby

Your child's every wish is our command. Our diverse collection of layby toys is meant to make your life as a parent easier and your child's life enthralling. We want your baby to experience their precious childhood to its fullest and we want you to relive your childhood with them. Don't all parents want to offer everything to their child that they missed out on?

Layby Toys, Kids & Baby Products

We offer a wide range of comfortable furniture and bedding as well as engaging toys to fill their childhood with happy remembrances, for you to fulfill your dreams as well. So they can look back and find ever-happy and exciting memories thanks to our commitment to meet every need and desire that layby kids may have.

All our toys bring fun as well as learning to the table. The right toys for your child can help in developing motor skills, an expansive imagination, promote social skills and encourage innovative thinking while ensuring that your child's spare time is engaged through mental stimulation. Our collections of legos, ride-ons and showbags are perfect to add that extra zest to an enriching childhood. Our outdoor gears like our trikes and stroller help your child connect and learn with the outdoor world. Our products also make the perfect gift for every occasion as well.

Whether you want to pamper your child on those special days or you want some affordable party favours. We also provide a range of layby baby products to ensure that your toddler is safe, comfortable and grows up having their every need met. Allow us to make their nursery the perfect little safe bubble for them to grow up in with our furniture, safety gear and kids decor. Check out our range of cots, bassinets and kids beds and compliment them with a comfortable mattress and manchesters. My Layby aims to have you covered for all the necessities you need to conveniently parent your child and so we have included a variety of feeding products like sippy cups, bibs and high chairs.

We offer tremendous benefits to show you that we care about your needs like flexible payment plans. You can buy the best goods and supplies for your baby with low weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. Log on to Laybuy to avail these offers! We ensure that our customers have a hassle-free shopping experience on Layby from the comfort of their homes.

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Some kids like to read and enjoy educational toys, science kits, jig saw puzzles, building blocks, coordination sets, Lego construction supplies, language or board games, while others spend the afternoon on their skateboard, jumping rope, building a camp, riding their wooden, motorized train with authentic locomotive drive system, flying a dual line stunt kite or a sleek-looking remote control airplane. Aside from being amusing, many toys will enhance cognitive behaviour, aid in the development of physical and mental skills, and will stimulate creativity.

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