Frequently Asked Questions


What is a layby?

A layby lets you buy a product and pay for it in two or more instalments before taking it home. With My Layby, we require a minimum of four instalments and a maximum of 52 instalments.

A layby is where you:

  • pay for the products in at least two instalments (when the agreement is called a ‘lay-by’), or pay for the products in at least three instalments (when the agreement is not specifically called a ‘lay-by’), and
  • do not receive the products until the full price has been paid.


Do I get my order upfront, or do I need to pay it off first?

One of the main characteristics of a layby is that you do not receive your order until the full price has been paid. So with My Layby, you need to pay your order off completely before receiving it. 


Can I place more than one layby at a time?

Yes, you can place as many orders as you like! But keep in mind that the sooner you pay it off, the sooner you receive your order. 


What happens once I've placed my order?

You will receive via email an order confirmation with full details of your order, please check this carefully You will need to to log in to your My Layby account for information on payment schedules, amounts and your contact details.

 If you do not receive this email or any of the details are incorrect please contact us immediately.


What sort of payment plans are there?

It's easy to choose a payment plan that suits your circumstances. As you checkout, choose between weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. Then choose the number of payments, i.e. from 4 to 104 (the maximum layby period is two years). Choose the date for your first payment. That's it!  The cart will automatically calculate your instalment amounts and tell you the estimated delivery date for your order based on the payment plan chosen.


Can I change my payment plan during my layby?

Yes, you absolutely can! This can be done by simply emailing or calling the customer service team who would be happy to make these changes for you. You can also make a few changes yourself by logging into your customer account and viewing your order, here you will find an “Adjust Payment Plan” button where you can make small alterations to the payment plan.


Please be aware that we do require one full business days’ notice of changes to scheduled payments.


When are the payments processed?

Payments are automatically processed first thing (12.01am AEST) on the scheduled payment date. So we suggest scheduling your payment dates to the day after your payday. It may then take your bank or PayPal until the end of the day to have this payment reflected in your accounts transaction history. 


What happens if my payment declines?

We understand that from time to time payments can be missed. If a payment declines you will be charged a $3 failed payment fee, this will automatically be added to your layby total. The remaining payments on the order will be altered to absorb the missed payment and the fee amount so as to keep the same final payment date.


If you miss 2 payments in a row your order may be placed on suspend until we confirm everything is okay with the scheduled payments and the selected payment method.


Can I pay off my layby early or make extra payments?


You can make additional one off payments by calling us or emailing us at customer service with the order number, amount you wish the extra payment to be for and the date you would like it processed.


Can I "Buy Now" without having to layby?

No, as we are a layby store we require a minimum layby term of 4 payments.


Can I change the items on my order during the layby?

As a general rule we can change items on your order during the course of your layby up to four times - please contact Customer Service and we can arrange this for you.  Please note, changes may not be possible if there are less than 4 weeks to go until your final payment.


Should excessive changes (more than four) be made to an order additional administrative fees may be incurred.


When will my item be delivered?      

Allow between 7-14 business days after the final payment has been successfully processed for delivery to occur. This timeframe may be longer for larger items (e.g. furniture and whitegoods) or for some remote areas.


The estimated delivery date listed on your order is to be used as a guide only and is not a guaranteed delivery date.


What end date should I set if I require delivery for Christmas?

If you require delivery of your order in time for Christmas, please ensure the final payment is successfully paid no later than 15th November.


Can I pay more to have my order shipped via Express Post?

Unfortunately we cannot offer express post. As we utilise stock from a large network of warehouses (our own and our suppliers) we cannot always dictate the courier used or postal option selected.


How do I know when my item is on its way?

Once your order has been paid off in full you will receive a confirmation email that the order has been finalised and then another email once it has been dispatched with tracking information for the courier.


What if I am not home when my order is delivered?

A signature is required for all orders, if no-one is home when your order is delivered the courier or Australia Post will leave a calling card for you with details on how to arrange a re-delivery or listing where to collect your package.


What do I do if my item appears to be lost in transit?

Happily we only work with reputable couriers so it is rare for a package to go missing while in transit.

However, if you are concerned that this has happened to you please contact us immediately so we can raise an investigation with the courier. Lost in Transit investigations can take between 2-10 business days to conclude so the sooner we get it started the better.


Do you Price Match with other online retailers?

We always try to be as competitive as possible in the pricing of our products so we will look at Price Matching if you find an item advertised for less on another online layby store only.  Please let us know if this occurs and we will see what we can do!


Do your items come with a Warranty?

All our items come with the same warranty that suppliers or other retailers offer.  Warranty information is usually displayed with item information.


What if I get an item that is faulty?

If you receive an item and it is faulty please contact our Customer Service team immediately and we will endeavour to repair or replace the item as soon as possible.


There is something I want to layby that is not on your website, what can I do?

If there is an item you are wanting to layby that is currently not displayed on our website please send the details through to us and we will see if we can add this product to our catalogue and let you know the layby price.


Can I cancel my layby?

We understand that circumstances may change and you may no longer need the item you have ordered originally. We offer the option of changing your order to a more suitable product. Please contact us for more information. Fees and charges may apply, and our cancellation policy can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

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