Allow us to prioritize your child’s safety and wellbeing with Layby Child Safety products

The customer always deserves the best and so does your child. Shop smart before the arrival of your newborn baby. Buy the best to baby proof your house from layby child safety products and not worry about your child getting hurt in their own home! Whether you’ve got a baby on the way or an infant that will soon become a toddler, baby-proofing your house is always a smart idea before your toddler starts crawling and starts accessing places that seem normal but can have harmful consequences!. All those sharp corners, power sockets, cooking utensils, medicine cabinets and stairs can make for potential dangers to your child’s safety. So shop My Layby’s quality range of layby inflatable bed rails, playpens, locks, latches, safety gates and baby monitors, and make your home safe for your children.

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